Cape Town 090711-t Vaal Fisheries in Klerksdorp is famous for their russians, frankfurters and chips.Picture Ian Landsberg

It’s National Chips Week in the UK, but we’re convinced we eat more chips than the Brits ...and we do it better.

So here are our Top 5 ways to eat chips (and we haven’t discriminated against crisps).


1. Slap chips, hot from a paper packet with any one of mayonnaise, vinegar, masala, tomato sauce, peri peri or atchar (or a combination of your choice).

2. A packet of crisps passed around the braai.

3. Salt-and-vinegar crisps squished flat inside a hamburger roll, with lots of butter.

4. Chunky wedges fried in super-hot oil to drive out all the moisture and leave the inside fluffy and soft, dipped in a light garlic sauce.

5. Potatoes cut super-thin (shoestring style), pre-cooked in microwave, fried then lightly drizzled with salt & vinegar before being drenched in an instant mushroom sauce mixed with grated cheese.

* Please use our comments facility to share your favourite ways to eat chips.