Uber Eats predicts foods that will rise in popularity next year. Picture: Supplied

Online food ordering and delivery platform, Uber Eats has recently released a report on foods that will be popular with them next year. 

In a statement, the business said looking at the sharpest increases in customer search and order volumes on the Uber Eats app, they have identified flax seed as the emerging superfood to watch in 2020 across EMEA, and that products containing CBD oil are set to appear on more restaurant menus across South Africa and kombucha will become a staple side order with our meals. 

They also mentioned that showing the changing palates of vegans and flexitarians and eagerness to try new things, jackfruit - which was declining in popularity last year - and tempeh are predicted to overtake other meat-free favorites like seitan and tofu. 

Uber Eats predicts foods that will rise in popularity next year. Picture: Supplied

General Manager of Uber Eats South Africa, Dave Kitley said over the last year, they have seen how important it is to celebrate local flavours. That the country is rich with various unique cuisines that we aren’t able to find anywhere else, and providing local restaurants with a platform to grow this was imperative. 

"While the usual take-out is popular, we have seen a huge jump towards a premium dining experience, and eaters looking to enjoy foods that contain added health benefits - like flax seeds. 

"And while it's always fun to see items like popcorn take center stage, we've noticed a few veggie favourites are here to stay. Our customers continue to enjoy ginger, edamame, and garlic - and given this healthy eating trend globally, we don't expect those to go anywhere anytime soon. 

"With over 400 000 menu items, over 3 000 restaurants and over 80 cuisine types to choose from, Uber Eats sets the bar and we're pleased to see how our platform is helping transform food delivery from that guilty weekend treat to your go-to healthy, everyday meal," said Kitley.