For the first time ever customers can deliver and receive their groceries by a robot.

Supermarket customers can now have their groceries delivered by a robot after Britain’s first scheme went live.

The buggies, the size of a large suitcase, can carry the equivalent of two bags of shopping and navigate using GPS.

Fitted with cameras and sensors to avoid bumping into objects, people and animals, they travel on pavements at up to 4mph and take around 15 minutes to deliver.

The service is being offered by a Tesco and a Co-op store in Milton Keynes, and is limited to those living within two miles of the branches. But an announcement is said to be imminent on the expansion of the scheme to other parts of Britain.

Customers who live near the Kingston Centre Tesco and nearby Monkston Co-op can place their order using a smartphone app from the robots’ operators Starship Technologies for a £1 delivery fee.

Starship’s Henry Harris-Burland said: ‘This is the first time customers can order from Tesco and receive robot delivery anywhere in the world.’

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