Lettuce, nuts and brown rice are foods to eat so that you can sleep better. Picture: Pexels
Everyone has trouble sleeping from time to time and sometimes that can be caused by eating the wrong foods which may affect your sleep. 

Health and lifestyle blogger, Jordyn Muirhead says eating the right foods in the hours before you hit the sack may help you fall asleep faster.  She shares with us the top five foods which can help improve your sleep. 

Walnuts enhance the body’s ability to create the serotonin and melatonin amino acids (which directly affect the body’s internal clock). They may help you fall asleep faster. Almonds and Brazil nuts are rich in magnesium which affects the quality of your sleep.

Lettuce causes a sedative affect so eating it before bedtime can help you fall asleep. A salad with dinner can be beneficial for your sleep.

Kale is very high in calcium. Remember back when you were little and before bed your mom gave you a glass of milk? Well the calcium in milk would help you sleep as will the calcium in kale.

Jasmine White Rice
Eating carbs before bed can actually help you sleep better and wake up with more energy to utilize the next day. White rice will help you fall asleep faster.

Brown Rice
High in magnesium. Any food source that contains high levels of magnesium will aid in your quality of sleep.