Avozilla is a giant avo being grown in Australia. Twitter

South Africans love avocados and so does the rest of the world, which is why we are increasing the production of these green beauties.

A cross-species of avo has found it's way to Australia and after cultivation proved to be a giant hit - the "avozilla".

WATCH: This giant avo, grown in Australia has its roots in South Africa

These avos have been called avozilla's and according to the UK Independent is being cultivated by Australian business Grove’s Grown Tropical Fruits 

The avozillas were planted four years ago and farmers expected a big avo, but never predicted the avos would be as big as 2kgs.

The average size of the avozilla is between 1kg and 2kgs which is more than enough for a few slices of avo and toast.

Don't be fooled though, the avozilla isn't genetically modified, it's a hybrid of the West Indian and Guatemalan avo varieties and significantly more resistant to pests and diseases.

These avos are not yet available in SA, but hopefully, soon we will import the fruits of what we initially exported. But the good news is that SA avocado production is at an all-time high and there are plans to even further extend our avo growing season by as much as four months.