Today is pancake day.

Today is Pancake Day, a day also known as #ShroveTuesday. 

The day precedes Ash Wednesday, which is the start of when Christians celebrate Lent and typically abstain from certain food or activities. 

Pancakes are a delicious breakfast food made of eggs, butter, milk and flour and any of your favourite topping.

One thing I have always found funny when it comes to pancakes is people trying to flip them from the pan during the preparation process. Whipping up, or should I say flipping up, a stack of fluffy hot pancakes can be a delicious, yet challenging endeavour for many, even me,  but just look at how Anthony Martial has mastered this pancake flipping thing.

The Manchester United Club shared a video on Instagram showing how their striker Anthony Martial flips it and users were impressed.

One user, Tariqlazzari said, “A show off on the field and in the kitchen. Stop it you!”. Another user, Dimachealex said, “Spinning pancakes like spinning defenders”.