How we should be eating pineapple. Pexels

It's a simple, but quite revealing way to divide and devour a pineapple and it has social media buzzing.

A video of a pineapple being picked apart by hand has opened up many people's eyes to a new way to enjoy the fruit.

The prickly pineapple has always been a bit tricky for some people, who might enjoy the fruit but not the slicing and dicing needed to get to the yellow juiciness.


But, you might find that you're struggling to replicate this with your pineapples at home. It's worth remembering that in SA we cultivate two kinds of pineapple. The Smooth Cayenne and the Queen pineapples are grown in SA, and only one is meant for slicing.

The Department of Agriculture says on its website: "The Smooth Cayenne cultivar is used for both canning (75 % of which is exported) and as fresh fruit. The Queen, because of its high sugar content and unsuitable canning qualities, is cultivated only for fresh consumption. However, because production of the Queen pineapple is more costly, fresh consumption is shifting towards the Cayenne. Cayenne plants and the fruit are normally larger than that of the Queen, with succulent yellow fruit. Queen fruit has a golden yellow colour and is less juicy."