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By Buhle Mbonambi Time of article published Apr 18, 2019

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If you're a "Game of Thrones" fan, then tables covered with meals fit for a king must've crossed your screen on many a time.

Food is such an important part of the show, that there's an inn in the middle of nowhere, where many characters have converged and enjoyed some pie, ale and wine. No one bothers anybody there - you eat your food and mind your business. 

One fan favourite character, Hot Pie, even decided to stay at the inn and not leave with Arya Stark and Gendry Baratheon, which makes sense because probably one of the safest places in Westeros. 

So it was a huge delight to see Arya and Hot Pie reunite in the seventh season, with Arya making her way back to Winterfell. 

Like a good friend does, he made sure she was fed and ready for the long journey that lay ahead for her. 

Like his name, Hot Pie's speciality is pie and by the satisfied looks of everyone who eat his pie, he's a pretty good cook.

Here are our other favourite "Game of Thrones" food moments:


The wine from Dorne is so good, that all the characters cannot help themselves. Of course, Tyrion Lannister is king of wine guzzling- he loves the beverage so much, most of his earlier scenes took place with a wine goblet in hand. Even when he escapes Westeros on a fruit cake, the one thing he manages to do is drink himself silly. 

He's not the only character. Cersei loves it too and even with her being pregnant (or is she?) she can't help herself. 

Come to think of it, it may be a Lannister trait, because Jamie also loves his wine, and even mocks Roose Bolton for not drinking. 

Robert Baratheon also loved his wine, so much that he was always drunk. Sadly, that led to him being a failure of a king, because no one likes a drunk for a king. 


In the third season of the show, the Tyrell women invite the lonely Sansa Stark to tea, as ruse to befriend her. Instead they wanted to find out more about Joffrey, who was now betrothed to Margarey after breaking it off with Sansa. 

Plying her with lemon cakes, Olenna and Margaery quiz Sansa about King Joffrey and the cakes prove to be so goo (or laced with truth potion?) that she confirms their fears- that Joffrey is a monster. 

But it's not like she was lying, was she? And the Tyrells cleaerly knew that the lemon cakes would be her undoing. 


I will give it to the Lannisters. They know how to throw a party. The tables were groaning with food during Joffrey and Margaery's wedding. From all kinds of meat, to bread, fruit and jellys- it was a feast.

Of course the wine flowed- it flowed so much that it was so easy to spike it with poison leading up to Joffrey's death. After he humiliated Tyrion by pouring wine on him, Tyrion responded: "Fine vintage. Too bad that it pilled." He then proceeds to humiliate him, to the amusement of Cersei and Lord Tywin Lannister. 

So it was poetic justice that it was wine that was used to kill Joffrey. He had it coming. 


Randall Tarly was an angry man and it's little wonder that Samwell preferred to be at the Wall with the Night's Watch than to keep on being verbally abused by his father. His younger brother, Dickon, a nice fella, but too enamoured with his father. Probably why both of them ended up being burnt alive by Drogon. 

Anyway, we first meet the Tarly's properly during a dinner scene, where Sam and Gilly end up being verbally accosted by Randall. Ever the snob, he insults Gilly, calling her a Wilding, and a wh*re, and also tells Sam that he will never yield their family's Valryian sword. 

His mother comes to Gilly's defense. All this while they dine on a luxurious spread of food, including wine and venison. It's so good, that Sam can't help but mention it. 

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