There's an art to making your own pasta. Pexels

Let's be honest, making your own pasta is a skill that requires dedication and practice. 

If you grew up in Italy, sixty or seventy years ago then it was a reality for you when you walked into a kitchen and learned to cook.

For the rest of us, it's a tradition that at best is a hobby and even weekend cooks will tell you that it's quite an effort to make your own pasta from scratch.

But like all good DIY efforts in the kitchen, it might take time but it's definitely worth it.

On the website the woman behind the concept, Vicky Bennison says: "I was doing some research on a book about Italian food (for someone else) when I noticed cooking skills were no longer being passed onto the younger generations.

Everyone thinks their Nonna's cooking is the best. But what will Nonna be cooking in 20 years time? Italian women (and men) these days are far too busy to spend time in the kitchen. Of course, pasta making isn't going to die out, but it increasingly is a commercial activity - for chefs, pasta shops and factories - rather a domestic one. 

So I thought I'd celebrate these women and their skills by filming them," she says.

It's a celebration of all things pasta and for those brave home cooks who've invested in a pasta-making machine, there's definitely a few tips and tricks from the grannies that will inspire you.

WATCH: Pasta grannies are preserving the Italian tradition