WATCH: People are eating mayonnaise ice cream. Clevver
There are some odd combinations out there, some combo's people create themselves now there is mayonnaise ice cream to add to the list.

The condiment and the dessert might appear to be from different worlds, but those worlds have now collided into a new offering.

You would have to travel to Falkirk, Scotland if you wanted to try this odd combination, but according to social media reviews, it's worth it.

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It's been described as "creamy" and "not as sweet" so it's definitely worth a try.

This ice cream is the brainchild of the team at ICE Artisan Ice Cream and is leading the way in exotic ice cream flavour combos.

They also offer other adventurous combinations like an energy drink-flavoured ice cream that you might want to try after the mayo ice cream cone.

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WATCH: People are eating mayonnaise ice cream