Reality star Quad Webb launches her first cookbook Picture: Instagram (absolutelyquad)
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, but Married to Medicine star, Quad Webb has taken her lemons and written a cookbook.

The American reality show chronicles the lives of a group of Atlanta women who either are doctors or are married to doctors.

Viewers get to see how the women juggle their careers, family life and of course their social lives.

In the last season, which aired on 1Magic (DSTV Channel 103), Quad was going through the most as she and her estranged husband, Dr Gregory Luneford were in the midst of their divorce.

It seems her passion for cooking has helped the reality star find a new zest for life.

The reality star turned author, has just released her first cookbook, Cooking with Miss Quad: Live, Love, Laugh and Eat and the good news is it's also available in South Africa. 

The book follows the success of her Instagram cooking segments #cookingwithquad, where she shares recipes and cooking tips with her fans online.

Cooking with Miss Quad: Live, Love, Laugh and Eat features uncomplicated dishes from southern classics to comfort food.

Quad, who also co-hosts the American talk show, Sister Circle, says cooking is her passion and it takes her to a time when she used to cook with her mother. 

“Cooking is my passion, everyone knows that it’s a tranquil place for me. It’s a time I remember (when) my mom and I would spend time in the kitchen and hang out and catch up and talk," she tells her co-hosts.

In an interview with, Quad also spoke about the close relationship she has with her father.

"My father and I were always close... He taught me a lot about life, he rode the tide with me by building my self-esteem and self-worth. My father always encouraged me to pursue my dreams by setting goals.”

With Father's Day around the corner, it's only fitting that she would dedicate her book to her dad.

“This book is near and dear to me and it is actually dedicated to my father," she says.

* Cooking with Miss Quad: Live, Love, Laugh and Eat is available on Loot