Social media can't get over this TikToker who rinsed cooked ground beef.
Social media can't get over this TikToker who rinsed cooked ground beef.

WATCH: Social media can't get over TikToker who rinsed cooked ground beef

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published Dec 18, 2020

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Another day, another drama item coming right of the TikTok cooking community. This time it’s in response to a user’s “kitchen tip.”

This week, a 55-second video showing a woman rinsing cooked beef mince went viral, with people telling her not to pour oil into her drain and not to rinse the grease off. The viral video led to a lot of reactions online from intrigued and amused viewers who had plenty to say.


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Emily Harper probably did not expect her video to cause such controversy when she innocently uploaded a video sharing a hack she learned in a nutrition class.

As a way to get rid of the excess fat, Harper took the browned ground beef into a colander and ran it under the sink for a few seconds. When finished, she added the beef back into the pan. She called the fat “disgusting” and advised her viewers to do away with all of it.

The video took on a life of its own on Twitter, where people were not much kinder.

One user wrote, “All the spit in my mouth dried up at once at the thought of that flavourless mess.”

Another user wrote: “Don't pour grease or oil down your drains! It collects, clogs pipes, and can attract rats. Collect it in a can and throw away if you must. Some people even reuse.”

A third user wrote that pretty much 90% of the flavour is in the fat or oil and the water which is the rest of the liquid that was poured out. That a little fat in meat isn't bad, and in all honesty, our bodies probably need more of it than the lean protein, because we’re omnivores, not carnivores.

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