Crocodile meat marinated with thyme and mustard and wrapped bacon, overnight. Served with pan fried veggies.
Crocodile meat is an acquired taste, one that many probably won't mind if they don't ever have. 

I was one of those hesitant foodies until I tried a crocodile meat, strawberry and feta salad at a private lunch with the Nigerian soccer team a few months before the 2010 Fifa World Cup. 

The chef was clever enough to trick us and only tell us later that it was crocodile meat. 

I didn't feel sick afterwards, even though I kept thinking: 'Did I just eat crocodile meat?' 

Eight years later, I got a call from Chef Sbu Nhleko, the head chef at the Big Easy Winebar & Grill by Ernie Els at the Hilton Hotel, to come try out his new crocodile meat dish at the restaurant. 

He also played a guessing game and made me guess between the dish and a chicken dish. He'd cooked both meat the same way, making it a tad bit difficult to predict which was which. 

Thanks to the game-y texture of the crocodile meat, I was able to guess which was which. 

Check the video to see why he thought the restaurant should serve crocodile.