This is what happens when you put an egg in vinegar and maple syrup. Supplied

Do you know what happens when you put an egg in vinegar and in maple syrup? If not, you have to watch this enthralling video. 

Two weeks ago, a Twitter account called @chipspopandabar posted a video that shows what happens to an egg when you put it in vinegar and in maple syrup, and the results are extremely bizarre. 

The video was pulled from the 5-Minute Crafts Facebook page, and shows the egg being submerged in a glass of vinegar for a day and comes out significantly larger. 

Then the same egg is soaked in maple syrup, left for a day, and moved to a glass filled with water and blue dye, and the same egg comes out blue, bouncy, and bigger. 

Twitters users found the video ironic that the three-day process was originally posted by an account called "5-Minute Crafts”, with @banalplay saying, “I love the type of five minute craft that takes three days.” 

Another user, @deathpigeon said, “This clearly says ‘five minute crafts’ then introduces multiple days of waiting.”

@TacksonCaswell questioned the purpose of the trick, and that who is it for. 

“Also why would you want to do this? It's still an egg. It's still going to wreak after a while so it can't be a decoration. And it's been days without refrigeration or some form of preservation so eating it is a no go....WHO IS THIS FOR?, said TacksonCaswell.