This drink pairs well with a koesister. Picture: Nathan Adams
This drink pairs well with a koesister. Picture: Nathan Adams
Cape Town - The humble koesister is a sweet treat that's a mainstay for many South Africans, whether it's on a Sunday morning or at a family celebration.

Recipes are passed down from generation to generation and secret ingredients are usually closely guarded family secrets.

It's outgrown its Cape Malay traditional roots and grown to become a South African classic, that only the brave would dare alter. The spicy combination of cinnamon, cardamom, and aniseed cannot be replaced or omitted, but the question arises, what drink complements the koesister?

An alcoholic beverage would be a complete departure from the traditional origins of the koesister, so the sommelier at the Square Cafe and Wine Bar was able to create the perfect non-alcoholic drink (mocktail) to enjoy with a koesister.

The elements to consider if you're keen to create your own cocktail are ginger ale and citrus pairs well with the spices and even the coconut that you taste when you bite into a koesister.

WATCH: Sommelier Michelle Moller explains everything you need to know to create a drink to complement a koesister.

* This is part one of our #HeritageMonth Food and Drinks pairing series.