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We review Fry’s plant-based boerewors

We review Fry’s plant-based boerewors

Published Oct 23, 2020


Boerewors on the braai is such a quintessential part of South African culture, especially during summer, that we were nervous on the part of The Fry Family Food Company for even trying to develop a plant-based version.

Tammy Fry, Director at The Fry Family Food Co, admits that the team were very aware when they embarked on the development of the Boerewors that they were going to have to create something remarkable.

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“Boerewors on the braai is such an important South African past time, we knew that this new sausage would have to hold its own in the face of some very strong scrutiny. But we were inspired by the extraordinary responses we got for our Big Fry Burger. We also know that many more South Africans are open to exploring plant-based meat alternatives, and that in order to inspire more people, we have to innovate and offer alternatives that make the exploration easier (and just as delicious!).”

Tammy adds: “I anticipate that our Big Fry range is going to be revolutionizing braai grills all over South Africa. I hope that we can show South Africans all over the country that it is not impossible to braai without meat!”

Here’s our thoughts on the matter:

Sarene: As a vegetarian, I always have a stash of Fry Family Food Company products in my freezer as they can be prepared from frozen and are ready in 10 - 15 minutes, so I was keen to try the boerewors. I have tried numerous plant-based sausages and mostly been disappointed by their lack of flavour and inauthentic texture.

The first thing that I noticed as soon as the Big Fry Boerewors hit the pan was the aroma - it smells like boerewors, the same coriander aroma that we get from the meat counterpart. The next thing I noticed was the juiciness when I cut through the boerewors - most plant-based sausages are dry, however this one was moist.

The casing is Alginate - a natural polymer, extracted from seaweed. The alginate casing turns the same rich caramel brown and looks exactly the same as the meat casing. Side by side you would not be able to tell the difference.

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It’s the texture of plant-based products that makes or breaks the product. Fry’s have managed to perfect the same coarsely-ground chewy texture of the best traditional boerewors on the market.

Now for the taste: The distinctive flavours of toasted coriander seed, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves and allspice are all there!

I can definitely say that The Big Fry Boerewors has been successful in creating a plant-based version of one of South Africa’s best-loved traditions, and with the huge interest in plant-based diets, it couldn't come at a better time.

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Riana: I was attracted to the fact that the Big Fry Boerewors is non-GM, 100% plant-based and cholesterol free. Meat-based boerewors averages at 70mg of cholesterol per 100g.

Because the boerewors is low in saturated fat, the fatty sizzle that normally accompanies a meaty braai was missing. What wasn’t missing was the juiciness.

With hints of coriander, garlic, nutmeg, mustard and a delicious smokiness, Fry’s hits all the right flavour notes and packs in enough plant protein for a robust, coarse texture synonymous with SA’s best boerewors.

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Accompanied by the traditional sides, it made for a lekker braai, and gave me a sense of virtuousness because it’s good for the environment and my health.

* The Big Fry Boerewors can be found in the frozen section of select retailers. The recommended retail price is R63.99.

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