Woolworths Tin Roof ice-cream. Picture: Supplied
Woolworths Tin Roof ice-cream. Picture: Supplied

Woolworths ‘Tin Roof’ ice-cream causes a stir on Twitter

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published Apr 9, 2020

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Woolworths Tin Roof ice-cream is a favourite treat among South Africans. So imagine the upset it caused when one Twitter user took issue with it.

This comes after a user by the name @cnehshuga tweeted that she has a problem with the nuts that are in the Tin Roof ice-cream and tweeps could not keep calm about the much-loved treat. 

"I have a personal problem with the nuts in Tin Roof ice cream yoh,” she wrote. 

The match was struck, and soon we saw flames.

@bagboys said, “Tin Roof Ice Cream from Woolworths is my preferred choice & is by far the best I have tasted. It is the nuts that does it for me.”

@Bernecia said, “Aowa without the nuts it's nolonger Tin Roof, it's just vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup.”

@CoachTshidi also wrote that the nuts are there for a reason and that they slap hard. She said the nuts are the reason it is called Tin Roof. 

But some users came to @cnehshuga's defence, saying that it is the most overrated ice-cream out there and that the nuts make it terrible. 

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