Rihanna's love for wine is well documented
How many times have you seen a picture of Rihanna walking out of a restaurant with a glass of wine?  

There have been countless articles written about the Barbados born songstress penchant for not leaving her favourite eateries without a glass of wine in her hand. 

It's basically become a meme. So when news broke out a few hours ago that Rihanna has filed a trademark for FENTY Estates Wine and Spirits Company, few were surprised. Rihanna's love for wine is well documented- she even chose to rather fall from her pool float than to spill her wine. 
It's no surprise that she has decided to venture out in having her own wine and spirit. It's almost the next logical step in her quest for worldwide domination. 

She's already conquered the musical world; is steadily rising up the ranks as an actor, thanks to roles on Valerian, Bates Motel and 2018's  Oceans 8; has a successful fashion and beauty empire, thanks to her role as Puma's creative director and her extremely popular new make-up line, Fenty Beauty, which she co-owns with Kendo (LVMH); and also a rumoured Fenty Beauty Skincare range. 

With her documented love for wine and spirits (she sings about Jameson in her hit song, Cheers) it's not much a surprise that she's now focusing on influencing us on what to drink during dinner. 'She did make wine glasses her favourite accessory in 2016. 

If Rihanna's new venture is a success, she will join other major celebrities as the owner of a liqour brand. Jay Z, George Clooney, P. Diddy, Justin Timberlake, Drew Barrymore and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie all successfully own various wines and spirits. 

Now I wonder what she will call her wines and spirits. With the names she gave her make-up range- she named one of her highlighters Trophy Wife- it's bound to be names that will not make us smile and think: "Typical Rihanna." I have high hopes that she will name one of her wines after the Caribbean dance move, Dutty Wine. If she doesn't, then what a missed opportunity. 

Until then, let's wait and see if she actually does come up with decent wines and spirits.