Pepper sandwiches could be the next big thing.

A new year comes with many resolutions, and for most people it’s signing up to a healthy lifestyle or maintaining it. 

The interesting thing about this ‘start of the year health-craze’ is seeing people trying all sorts of weird and wonderful things to be healthier. 

We have seen people trying the raw food diet where one can only eat uncooked plant-based foods and we have also seen the baby food diet which is also designed to promote weight loss but creating pepper sandwiches? 

I don’t know how to feel about it. 

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GUYS are these not the coolest things ever?? Bell pepper sandwiches! 🥪🤩 • • Made them with that formula 👉🏼 (1.5 servings is shown in the pic!) 🥗 2 cups veggies (2 peppers + slice of tomato for extra kicks) 🧀 100-200 calories of fats (2 slices cheese) 🍗 4-5oz protein (4oz deli turkey slices) • • Get my FREE meal plan - link in bio! 🤳🏼💛 • • Thanks @onceuponapumpkin for this amaze inspo 👯‍♀️ • • #collegenutritionist #1starchPerDay #BestBodyBabes #schooldays #weightlosshelp #weightlossresults #weightlossplan #weightlosscoach #healthyswap #healthyeating #healthyfoodideas #eatfoodfeelgood #eatthisnotthat #gogreek #panhellenic #collegefood #collegecooking #collegefoodie #bellpeppersandwich #peppersandwich #coolfood #foodswaps #foodhacks #healthyfoodhacks

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The pepper sandwich creation was designed by nutritionist, Rachel Paul, who is known as Collegenutritionist on Instagram. 

But according to Paul’s Instagram post, she was also inspired by dietitian, Maggie Michalczyk, who is known as Onceuponapumpkin on the popular social network.  

Paul’s post has attracted more than 12,000 likes and she says that bell pepper sandwiches are the ‘coolest thing ever’, and that they contain 4-5 ounces of protein.