The bacon lattice wrap allegedly keeps the pineapple and meat inside very moist PICTURE: WhiskeyJelly/IMGUR
One of the most controversial pizza toppings of all time is ham and pineapple, with the flavour combination dividing fast food fans.
So if you're one of those who hates the idea of the tropical fruit mixing with pork, you might want to look away now.
A home cook has sent Imgur into a frenzy after baking his version of a so-called swineapple: a pineapple wrapped in bacon and stuffed with pork loin.
And his images of his finished creation have gone viral on picture-sharing website Imgur, with most people commenting in awe of the meal - though not everyone agrees.

The photos of the pork-and-pineapple dinner were posted by user WhiskeyJelly, who shared his step-by-step visual guide to how to cook your own swineapple. The odd creation is this year's viral BBQ dish, and was first created by Josh Bush of LaPorte, Texas, who shared a photo of the swineapple on Facebook in 2015. It only got a few likes and shares at the time, but this year, it has suddenly found fame on social media, with images of the dish being shared thousands of times.
When it was recreated by Whiskey Kelly this week, Imgur users went wild for the bizarre meal. One commented: 'I would honestly marry this and try to have babies with it,' while another said they needed to convince someone to spend the necessary three to five hours to make it for them. 
Another user branded those in awe of the meal hypocrites because they said if the combination was on a pizza, the pictures would receive a lot of abuse. There were some who weren't convinced by the meal, however. One said they hated the taste of cooked pineapple, while another said when they tried to make it at home, the pork tasted 'awful'. 

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