The tripe wrap that has been making the rounds on social media PICTURE: Twitter/ItsMainaKageni
So there is a picture of a tripe wrap served with fries that has been going viral on social media. 

When I first saw it I was like: “ugh, this one is a no, I would never eat it”.  Let me just say I enjoy my tripe served on a plate with umngqusho (samp and beans). T he way the food looks on the plate is what tempts my eyes and makes me want to dig in. 

Let's be honest. Tripe is an acquired taste. 

It's different from other meats, and even though it can be very delicious(especially when clean and cooked really well) it can be, well, weird too. 

You just never know what you will get with tripe. It has varying textures and the level of coarseness and chewiness can be very different, which leads me to the three reasons why I wouldn’t enjoy tripe served in a wrap.  

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It can be dirty
One thing that cannot be done is to eat a wrap using a spoon or a fork and knife; you have to use your own hands. As I said, tripe can be very thick, it quickly solidifies, now imagine my hands after all that dripping of tripe stew stuck on your hands?

The wrap can easily take away the whole meaty flavour of tripe. It’s like having two different tastes at the same time, worst of it all it’s served with fries, which may seem novel, but it's a bad combination. How can you pair tripe and fries? Some things are better left for stews and soups. 

Talking basic nutrition staff, these can carry some saturated fats especially tripe, which may increase your cholesterol. It is said we should never consume huge amounts of tripe meat but when it comes to having a wrap you just cannot run away from that saying. It looks very unhealthy. 

But that's just me. It seems other people are keen to give it a try

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Others, though, do agree with me and don't understand why anyone would have tripe in a wrap So. Would you try a tripe wrap?