Youngsters ditch tradition for celebrity recipe inspiration. Flickr

Most of us would have picked up recipes and traditions in the kitchen from our parents and family, but not the current generation.

Today's generation instead look to the internet and celebrity chefs for inspiration, a new  report reveals.

Even just 20 years ago, 36 percent of Brits cited our mothers as  the inspiration in the kitchen.

But now that figure has plummeted to 16 per cent – while social media and YouTube account for the source of recipes for one in five cooks.

And among 25-to-34-year-olds, 38 per cent of those polled in the UK go online for recipes, watching Ella Mills and other foodie celebrities.

Celebs chefs are more trusted than family tradition in the kitchen. Flickr
MasterChef star Michel Roux Jr has in the past said the loss of recipes handed down through the family is to blame for ‘major health issues, saying: ‘"There have been at least two generations of mothers no longer cooking at home and no longer passing on their basic cooking knowledge. That is part of the problem."

The author of modern Jewish cookbook Fress says: “‘Mothers tend to have a set repertoire of dishes. But kids like sites such as Tasty on Facebook where they can watch a 30- or 60-second film then find the recipe. They just want quick, easy dishes.”

The Lakeland report revealed the celebrity chef the British youngsters would most like to cook with is Gordon Ramsay, followed by Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Mary Berry and then Nadiya Hussain.

* Daily Mail