10 items you might be forgetting to disinfect

Published May 12, 2020


DURBAN - Now more than ever, it's crucial to clean and disinfect every surface in your home to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Data from published epidemiology and virologic studies provide evidence that Covid-19 is primarily transmitted from symptomatic people to others who are in close contact through respiratory droplets, by direct contact with infected persons, or by contact with contaminated objects and surfaces.

Here's a list of items that might get overlooked during your usual cleaning or disinfecting:

Your keys

- key fob and actual keys could be carrying germs too, so make sure to disinfect them before tossing them back in your purse or hanging them on their hook. You can use a dab of rubbing alcohol on a rag to wipe the fob down, then allow it to air dry.


s - We touch our laptops, computers, tablets, touchpads and they collect plenty of bacteria over time. The safest way to clean these electronics is to wipe them gently with a damp microfiber cloth. Use cotton swabs to get into crevices and the edges of the screen and buttons

Coat hangers

- These are often touched soon after you enter your home before you've even washed your hands. Use warm water with soap or disinfecting wipes to clean your coat hangers.

Your wallet or purse

- Did you pull your wallet out at the store or set it on the register area to pull out your debit card, ID, or coupons? To disinfect a leather wallet (or bag, for that matter), mix up a solution of hot water and dish soap, dip a microfiber cloth in it, wipe down the leather, and dry with a clean towel.


- Sometimes it's not possible to kick off certain kinds of footwear. So if you have to touch them, lace them up or buckle them, there's bacteria exchange happening. It also makes sense to disinfect the shelf, mat, box or whatever place you use to store your footwear when not wearing them.

Your credit card or debit card

- If you slide your debit or credit card through a machine, it’s unlikely the card will carry and transmit germs. But if you handed your card to someone else, even if that person was wearing gloves, always disinfect.

Garbage bins

- Use soap and plenty of warm water to wash the inside and out of the bin, handles and foot pedals Not everyone realises some bacteria can move from inside the liner bag to the bin itself.

Your steering wheel

- Take a damp cotton cloth and add a dab of soap and then gently wipe your steering wheel. After rinsing that cotton cloth you used with a little water, wipe away the excess cleaner before proceeding to dry it off with a soft towel.

Reusable grocery bags or boxes

- Washable bags need a hot-water wash regularly and grocery boxes should get a good antibacterial wipe-down or soak, too. Remember to also clean the areas on which you set down those items to unpack.


Hand-railings and their posts

- We run our hands along these frequently, but they don't often show any dirt or germs. Use mild detergent and warm water to clean and void using chloride-containing products like chlorine bleach.

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