#10MillionMasks: A Great Initiative Helping Make Masks Easy

Published Apr 14, 2020


CAPE TOWN - #10MillionMasks is an organisation helping fight the Coronavirus outbreak with an initiative encouraging South Africans to make their own masks at home helping ease the demand of medical masks ensuring health workers will always have access to them.

Their website offers a template that can be downloaded in order to assist those at home wanting to create their own masks in three simple steps and all you will need is an old t-shirt, cotton thread and sewing elastic (about 1,6m).

- Using the template, cut four pieces of fabric to the size you need. Sew two pieces together along the curved side, for the front of the mask. Then do the same with the other two pieces, to create the back of the mask

- To sew in the elastics, place one side of the mask on the table, seam side down. Place an elastic on each corner with the ends slightly peaking over the edges. Sew them into place. Now pull all the elastic cords across to the right side. Place the other mask on top, seam side up, sandwiching the elastics. Sew the two masks together, leaving the area on the right side of the mask unsewn.

- Now turn the mask inside-out by pulling the elastics through the unsewn hole. Once the mask has been inverted, sew the remaining gap closed to complete your mask.

Its important to remember:

- Your mask should be routinely washed and ironed

- Do not to touch your face

- Remember to wash hands immediately after removing.

Share a picture of your mask on the @IOLnews Facebook page, and you could win a R5OO voucher from loot.co.za.

For any further information, visit 10millionmasks.africa

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