25 People tested positive for Covid-19 after attending a wedding

Published Jul 13, 2020


DURBAN – Due to lockdown level 3 regulations, wedding ceremonies are prohibited to avoid the spread of Covid-19. However, 25 people who attended a wedding ceremony in KwaZulu Natal tested positive for Covid-19.

On Sunday, July 12, Premier Sihle Zikalala pleaded to the public as he updated the province on the Covid-19 pandemic. The high number of infections that have been recorded were the result of “social gatherings” within the province. Zikalala stated that eThekwini had recorded the highest number of cases in the province (53 percent).

Zikalala said: “In the past week we have been made aware that a sizeable group was reported to have attended a wedding last weekend. In the end, a number of people from the wedding fell sick, and 25 from the group who attended the wedding tested positive. Today, some of them are occupying Covid-19 beds in the health care facilities.

We want to plead with all of our fellow citizens to know that Covid-19 spreads faster with gatherings. No-one is immune or can be a 'starring' or the invincible main actor on Covid-19 as there is no cure. We plead with everyone to adhere to the regulations. If we stay safe today, we can be safe and together tomorrow.”

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