5 Ways to Keep Your kids Entertained during Lockdown

Published Mar 26, 2020


CAPE TOWN - As South Africa is on the brink of a Nation-wide lockdown, many parents will be home with their children. Normally this would lead to outdoor activities but leaving the house during lockdown is now not an option unless for essential services. For some concerned parents who feel like their children spend too much time in front of an electronic device, this is your opportunity to finally teach them how you had fun 'back in the day' before smartphones , tablets, the internet or television.

Here's a few ways how ;

1.Play board games, card games and classic group games such as Monopoly,Twister, Hungry Hippo and the other classics.

2.Teach your children important yet necessary life skills that they could possibly use later in life such as cooking and baking.

3.Choose a night to have a competition where you and your children are able to show off your creative skills and let your inner child be free.

4.Create a book club with your children to help them explore a new world.

5. Introduce classic movies and series to your children to help them understand the evolution of Pop Culture as well as where the current Pop Culture references.

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