6 tips to master Google Meet video calling

Published May 14, 2020


CAPE TOWN - Working from home can be the best thing ever or your worst nightmare. This can be even worse if you are ill-equipped or unfamiliar with the technology you need to work from home. In most cases, you will need to get onto a video call to facilitate a meeting or tend to work matters.

If you're a google user and are familiar with their Hangouts and Meet functionality then this could be pretty useful for you.

Here are Google's top 6 tips for a successful video call using the Google suite of products ;

Choose the right environment

Video calls are more efficient than chat or email when talking through a complex issue or brainstorming on ideas. It also allows you to connect with teammates in different time zones across the world. When on a video call, ensure that the backdrop is plain and consistent (choose a plain wall, and avoid windows that will provide too much backlight). While on the call, if you are using a laptop, make sure that it is placed somewhere steady.

Invite anyone, anytime

Video conferences don't have to be scheduled; if you’re in the middle of a too-long email conversation, you can instantly set up a meeting and invite people within or outside of your organisation to join. Google Meet(which is now free for everyone, everywhere) automatically creates international dial-in codes so people can call on the phone from anywhere, and you can invite people via a Calendar event, by email, or by phone.

Can’t hear? Turn on captions

If you are in a loud place and don’t have super-fancy headphones, you can use Meet’s live caption feature to display captions in real-time (just like closed captions on TV). Start here.

Presenting? Only share what you mean to share

Don’t you love that moment when you’re sharing your screen and then, suddenly, everyone on the call is reading your email? To make sure you only share what you mean to share, present one window (rather than your entire screen). Check it out.

Want to read the room? Change the screen layout

One of the favourite features in Meet is changing the layout of the video call. If someone’s showing slides, but there’s a lively discussion happening in the office, you can switch your layout to focus on the people in the office, rather than the presentation. Learn how.

Be real

Everyone has a life outside of work. Depending on the culture of your workplace, it can be alright to show a little bit of the “real” life around you—like letting your kid wave to the camera or eating your lunch if you’ve been on nonstop calls all day. Showing a little bit of your life can foster deeper connections with coworkers and even create empathy for whatever you’re dealing with outside of work.


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