A unique Covid-19 designed dining experience

Published Nov 9, 2020


CAPE TOWN - A food company has launched an innovative dining experience in Cape Town that aims to provide a stress-free environment for patrons looking to eat out during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nü Health Food Café, Schoon Bread Café and newcomers Free Bird and Kofi - four brands of the Real Foods Group - has seen a number of changes and redesign to the space housing all the brands at the Kloof Street Village.

CEO of Real Foods, Dean Kowarski, says, “COVID-19 has changed casual dining, so we’ve embraced the new requirements for a safe dining experience at Kloof Street Village and have considered how people want to socialise. Although the site was secured prior to lockdown, we completely redesigned the restaurant during lockdown by conceptualising what it would take for maximum health and safety."

He added, "The store features perspex screens to cordon off certain areas, while still allowing for a social vibe between socially distanced tables. Technology is used to facilitate contactless transactions, and there is a large outdoor seating area for fresh-air and summer socialising.”

The redesign and added technology consists of self-ordering kiosks, mobile apps using QR codes to order for take-aways or sit down or to place an order for pickup in a contactless area while counter service is still available, perspex screens between staff and customers remain in place.

Kloof Street Village aimed to further reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 with sanitisation and handwashing stations throughout the space with large windows added to allow better air circulation and ventilation.

All staff has been trained on strict hygiene protocols and measure and must wear masks at all times with buzzers going off every 30 minutes to as a reminder to sanitise and wash hands.

Two of the brands Kofi and Nü provide outdoor hatches which allow customers to place and collect orders without having to enter the stores themselves with the main facility also providing a separate entrance for Uber Eats and Mr D Food delivery drivers to collect an order which helps limit the number of people inside the store and allowing customers easier and safer access to the stores.

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