App inspiring travellers to get back on the road

Published Jul 12, 2020


DURBAN - Covid-19 has dramatically affected the world in a number of ways, including the travel and tourism sector which has been one of the worst-affected industries by pandemic, costing millions of jobs and billions of dollars.

Aimed at generating excitement for future travel, Nomad Travel Tools is a new app where travellers and digital nomads can discover, compare and chat about over 9000 cities. The travel app was launched when the country went into lockdown.

Oliver Boyers, the creator of Nomad Travel Tools, started designing the web app as a “lockdown project”. As a digital nomad who works in the software space, Oliver wanted to use the restricted time of lockdown to produce something positive.

“My intention in building Nomad Travel Tools is to provide a comprehensive platform to compare the data of two cities and decide where to travel to next. The information that is included is geared towards helping both business and leisure travellers alike,” he said.

The app gives the user a dashboard overview of comparative data for 2 cities of their choice, helping them to decide the next travel destination. Information provided includes the cost of living, annual weather, currency converter, time zones, internet speeds, and a guide to planning working hours. Any missing data can be requested or provided by users.

There is also a city chat feature to assist in building a community on the platform and offer local insight for each destination.

“As someone who travels regularly as a digital nomad, picking the next destination is an exciting activity. But before I decide to go anywhere, I need to research a few things such as: Can I afford it? Is the internet fast enough? Do my work hours overlap the 2 different time zones? Nomad Travel Tools aims to answer these questions,” added Boyers.

The app is free to sign up a profile and the data is free to access. You can see the app live in action at