Authorities suspends 32 liquor licenses in Western Cape

Published Jun 10, 2020



The Department of Community Safety suspended 32 liquor licenses following investigations of 65 liquor license holders who failed to adhere to lockdown regulations.

Since the unbanning of alcohol at the start of level 3 lockdown, inspectors were deployed to monitor areas where alleged non-compliance was prevalent.

“Three premises were found to be trading contrary to suspension orders which were issued during the Alert Level 4 period,” said the Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz.

“Further charges against them will be brought before the LLT to consider the possible revocation of such licenses. It was anticipated that unlicensed outlets would use the opportunity to stock up on liquor and licensed premises were monitored in terms of the volumes sold during single transactions.

“One premise was found selling 48 crates of beer (324 litres) to an individual who allegedly owns an unlicensed outlet. Two similar cases are in the process of being referred to the LLT for consideration,” he said.

Out of the total 65 investigations conducted, three are still under investigation, eight have been referred to SAPS and four are being drafted for the Liquor Liquor Licensing Tribunal (LLT).

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