Boeing unveils Covid-19 cleaning measures for aircraft

Published Jun 10, 2020


CAPE TOWN - Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has released the Confident Travel Initiative (CTI) to develop cleanliness procedures as parts of the world open up to airtravel again.

“Boeing is committed to the health of airline passengers and crew,” said Jim Haas, Director – Product Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

“We’re working with partners to enhance aircraft cleanliness procedures and to develop common system- wide standards that will be key to a safe experience from curbside to airplane.”

Haas said that the most significant contributor is the air filtration system which incorporates High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters which are already present on all commercial airplanes that are similar to filters used in hospitals.

Haas explained that half of the cabin air is from outside the airplane and half is recirculated from inside the cabin. Before recirculated air is returned to the cabin, it passes through the HEPA filters which remove more than 99.9%+ of any particulate matter that may be present.

Air flows from the ceiling to floor, not front to back, which helps minimise particulates spreading throughout the cabin. This recirculation happens approximately 20-30 times an hour, or once every two to three minutes.

Although HEPA has not yet been tested with the COVID 19 virus, according to Mayo Clinic, the average size of a COVID-19 particle is 0.12 – 0.125 microns, HEPA filters have been tested at these particle sizes and shown the efficiency to be more than99.9+%.

Boeing said they were also evaluating promising research regarding ultraviolet disinfection that can be used to clean high-touch surfaces in airplane interiors such as ultraviolet light wands for disinfection, and using anti-microbial and anti-viral coatings on surfaces and high-touch points throughout the cabin.


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