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Monday, December 11, 2023

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Bored? Here's 5 online experiences you can try

Credit: Anne Lakeman for Mediamatic Amsterdam

Credit: Anne Lakeman for Mediamatic Amsterdam

Published May 11, 2020


CAPE TOWN - Airbnb's new online experiences portal is proving to be a hit with those who feel terribly bored during the lockdown. Launched in April 2020, the portal provides access to hosts across the world, including Olympic medalists, Buddhist monks and magicians.

According to Airbnb, whether visiting the dogs of Chernobyl, wine tasting in Portugal, or making coffee with a professional coffee taster, guests have the chance to connect with new people and travel virtually, all from the comfort of their own home.

Here are a few experiences we think you should try ;


Learn to make Spanish tapas

Step by step with a cook to make tapas the old fashion way. All made with fresh and easy ingredients. The host will make you a list in advance and you make it together.

2. Sabering a Bottle of Champagne

Open a bottle of Champagne according to an old tradition! History says that this tradition dates back to the Napoleonic Wars. The host will teach you all the steps to successfully saber your bottle. Then you will go through the basics of tasting Champagne and explain the key stages in the production of this sparkling wine and the history of the Champagne region in France. Just in case you're wondering - Sabering is when you slice off the top of a bottle with a sword!

3.Explore Card Magic

The art of playing card manipulations is an old genre in sleight of hand magic. During this online experience the host will share with you the main ideas behind this art, show you their favourite tricks and teach you basics in card magic.

4.Virtual Visit to an Animal Sanctuary

Did you know that cows hold grudges, pigs can play video games, and turkeys recognise their favourite humans? Join this experience for a virtual visit to an animal sanctuary and meet a variety of rescued farm animals. Get up close and personal with the animal residents, share their stories of resilience and healing, and talk a bit more about the industries they come from.

5. Meditation with a Japanese Buddhist Monk

In this online experience, you start by sharing the story behind how and why the host became a Buddhist monk and about the meditation practice. Next, you'll do two types of meditation together. First is a chanting mantra for 20 minutes. This type of meditation allows you to go deep into your practice. Next you will do a 10-minute breathing-out meditation. Afterwards, you’ll share your questions and reflections on the practice.


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