Exercising without leaving your chair? No way...

London - Exercising away the festive pounds is a drag — but what if you could do it without leaving your chair?

That’s the idea behind Chair Zumba, or Zumba Sentao to give it its proper name.

The class is like traditional Zumba, but with a twist. While it still includes many of the Latin-infused dance moves to music, these are performed either around or on a chair, and instructors swear you can burn up to 800 calories a class.

The class is split into segments such as cardio and stretches.

There are squats over the chair seat, an abdominal crunch which involves lifting the legs and bringing the knees into the chest while sitting on the chair, and working the inner thighs by opening and closing the legs a few inches off the floor.

There are even press-ups and star-jumps — bursting up from a sitting position — to up the intensity towards the end. - Daily Mail