File photo: A donor gives blood at a blood bank.Picture: Matthew Jordaan
Spine Road High in Mitchells Plain has been announced as the top blood donor school in the province by the Western Province Blood Transfusion Service.

According to the WPBTS, the school has managed to collectively donate 438 units of blood over four blood donation clinics, giving them an average of 109 donations at each clinic.

The school has been part of the blood drive initiative for over 20 years. The accolade comes after the school has been in the top three for the past five years.

The school’s top blood donor is one of the teachers, Nadir Lukie, who has donated 60 pints of blood since the school’s involvement.

The principal of Spine Road High, Riyaadh Najaar, said he was proud of the achievement and how involved the pupils had been in making each blood drive a successful one.

“We as the school are elated. We are all about developing the social responsibility of the children towards the community. The aim of our involvement is to teach our children how to give back and care for those in need.

“All the accolades should solely be given to the learners and especially the blood drive donation committee. They always manage to encourage learners to get involved, and that is what makes these drives so successful at the school,” he said.

Another school with a staggering improvement is Bellville High, which rose from last year’s 16th position to second position this year, donating 418 units of blood.

WPBTS corporate public relations officer Michelle Vermeulen urged citizens to get involved. “We only have two days left of blood,” she said.

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