Cape Town 150806. Mechanical Engineering students Musa Morgan and his classmate Lwazi Ntshangase Invented the Uyindoda Male medical Circumcision Underwear that will change the lives of men enduring after- effects of Male circumcision. Picture Cindy waxa.Reporter Siya/Argus

Cape Town - For many South African youths, circumcision means extreme pain or even death.

However, a Cape Peninsula University of Technology mechanical engineering student was determined to turn his experience of circumcision into something helpful for others.

Musa Morgan, 23, said after being circumcised in the health facility on campus he felt his healing process could’ve been much better.

“The circumcision went very well and it was smooth, but...

the treatment is not effective because you get a tape that is supposed to support your penis to stand up all the time.”

Morgan said when the tape didn’t work he decided to use a sock to keep his wound from chafing against his underwear.

That gave him the idea to develop his own device to keep his penis secure, and aid the healing of the wound.

“After I saw how the sock was helping with the healing of my wound I then decided to develop this Male Medical Circumcision Underwear,” he said.

He said the reason he developed the device is to help keep the penis in an upright position, because in its normal flaccid state, blood flows downward, slowing circulation and often leading to infection.


Morgan’s business partner, Lwazi Ntshangase said they took great care when developing the device: “We had to be very careful because we didn’t want to interfere with the traditional way or the medical circumcision so therefore our product doesn’t in any way cover the wound; it just assists in keeping the penis up so blood can circulate, and it works like normal underwear.”

Morgan said they conducted trials at the Heideveld and Mitchells Plain clinics where their product received support and praise.

“We’ve had a 98 percent success rate.”

The device costs R50 for one and R300 for six and is available in a variety of sizes.

“For us to produce more we need funding because people and the students are excited about it.”

Uyindoda Male Medical Circumcision Underwear was one of many innovative products developed and manufactured by students who were displaying their inventions at the Innovation Showcase hosted by CPUT recently.

Another innovative product was one by Ryan Higgo which he says is meant for backpackers.

He said his product – Snugpack – improves resting comfort and a feeling of security.

Snugpack features pockets for hands and arms ideal for holding valuables such as keys and a cellphone while resting.

It also comes with a removable cushion positioned on top of the backpack, and a stowaway hood to shield the user from bright lights.

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