Contactless accommodation system allows for touchless travel

Published Jul 24, 2020


CAPE TOWN- Reports indicate that around

100.8 million jobs

in travel and tourism have been lost worldwide in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The recent banning of all leisure tourism accommodation in South Africa have placed hoteliers under extreme pressure.

The tourism industry faces further challenges as the national lockdown and the coronavirus hygiene and safety measures have introduced crowd control, the

prohibition of on-premises consumption of alcohol, and social distancing.

Realising the need for an innovative digital solution to the problem, a local start-up has launched a ‘

Contactless Stay

’ system that makes use of technology for safe and touchless travel.

Country Manager for

RoomRaccoon South Africa, Niels Verspui, says the system is an innovative cloud-based software solution for hotels, B&B's, lodges and holiday homes and is currently supporting more than 1 200 businesses in 45 countries across the globe.

“RoomRaccoon is relatively new to the South African market. The environment in which we operate is incredibly challenging, however the need for innovative tech solutions to support business operations with real-time data and cost-reduction techniques is vital,” said Verspui.

With the

system, hotels and accommodation places can make use of online check-in and payments, a contactless key option, guests can choose to exclude housekeeping during their stay, and they can book a Corona Kit for extra safety.



Contactless Stay

quality mark encourages the use of to help redesign processes and operations in all possible touchpoints; to ultimately support a new vision for global tourism and help it to recover with confidence,” said Verspui.

Recent research conducted by RoomRaccoon across 40 countries indicates that 78% of guests felt it is important that hoteliers show their response both to the pandemic, and to government efforts at a local level.

Verspui says that this tourism software solution would be perfect to

improve the technology in South Africa’s hospitality industry. He has since signed more than 200 hotels to the all-in-one contactless system.

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