Coronasaurus T-rex delivers geeky face masks

Published Jun 3, 2020



Founder of The Engrave Slave company, Michelle Roodman, recently introduced Coronasaurus T-rex to the slaves' team to help deliver Covid-19 protective equipment in and around Cape Town.

The Engrave Slave is an engraving store that sells geek-themed beverage glasses at comic book conventions.

However, due to lockdown restrictions on group gatherings, the company needed to adjust their approach and started selling face masks and their engraved glasses online.

“I needed something to protect myself when delivering the masks. I literally got the suit the day before, and I thought why not wear it,” said Roodman.

“I didn't even tell people that I was rocking up in it. People were thrilled and were running up to their windows to see me in the dinosaur suit in the road,” she said.

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