Countries adding travel perks for tourist post Covid-19

Published Jul 12, 2020


DURBAN -Some countries have developed a plan to attract tourists. Countries like Italy, Japan, Mexico, Bulgaria and Cyprus have added perks for travellers when they decided to visit these countries.

Many tourism sectors in various countries have been hit the hardest as a result of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the UN, the global tourism sector has lost approximately US$3.3 trillion overall. The countries that were hit the hardest are Thailand, Croatia, Portugal, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Kenya, Morocco and Greece.

Here are a few perks some countries are offering to attract tourists:

1) Sicily, an Italian island is offering to pay for half of the traveller’s airfare as well as provide entry tickets for museums and archaeological sites. For every 3 nights the traveller stays at a hotel, they would get 1 night free.

2) Mexico some hotels are offering a pay for 2 get 1 free deal as well as for every 2 nights paid for at the hotel, the tourist will get 2 night free. There are discounts on airfares when travelling with a companion.

3) Bulgaria is offering tourists multiple discounts and access to a number of beaches with perks.

4) The Japanese government may pay half of the tourist’s airfare and they are considering other perks. However, this information is according to

5) Cyprus is actually offering free care to those who test positive for Covid-19. Their family and friends will have lodging, food and drink costs taken care of by the government.

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