Countries in lockdown find innovative ways to keep citizens home

Published Apr 28, 2020


DURBAN – To teach lockdown rule violaters a lesson policemen in Tiruppur, a city south of India, trick offenders by isolating them in a van with a person believed to be a "Covid-19 infected patient".

However; violators are unaware that the “patient” is actually a policeman pretending to be infected with the Covid-19 virus. In a video that was been circulating on social media, the policemen grab the violators and simply lock them in the ambulance to teach them that no one is immune to the virus and they should just stay at home.

Footage from IndiaTv YouTube channel

Meanwhile, In Malaysia and Indonesia ghosts have been used as a tactic against violators.

A Malaysian man decided to dress up as a ghost to scare superstitious citizens into staying home.

Similarly, policemen in villages in Indonesia resorted to dressing as ghosts to scare off offenders. The village on Java Island is one of the villages that implement this tactic. The villages are rumoured to be haunted. Law officials and the head of the villages devised a plan to have ghosts roam the streets at night. These ghost patrols occur randomly so that residents are not curious to spot a ghost sighting.

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