Covid-19 - These conditions make you high risk

Published Mar 28, 2020


The infection of people with underlying diseases is increasing says Health Minister, Zweli Mkhize.

Mkhize urged South Africans to be vigilant, protect themselves and not unnecessarily expose themselves by making contact with a lot of people.

"It is important to remain in your home, create a distance between yourself and anyone, including family members, that are unwell," said Mkhize

These are some of the underlying medical diseases that make people vulnerable:

- HIV Positive people with a low CD4 count

- Chronic Lung Diseases, including TB, Asthma and COPD

- Auto Immune Diseases of any kind

- Chronic Kidney Diseases

- Cancer

- Diabetes

Other population groups that are vulnerable are:

- Smokers

- Dependant alcohol consumers

- Elderly


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