CTICC converted into 850 bed hospital

Published May 26, 2020



The Western Cape has been identified as a Covid-19 hotspot with 65% of the country’s infections deriving from this province.

The current national infection rate stands at 23 615 and 481 deaths, with the total positively confirmed cases in the Western Cape at 15 396, 330 deaths and 7 221 recoveries.

The Western Cape government and the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) teamed up to convert the CTICC 1 into hospital wards which will hold around 850 beds.

With the use of drywalling, exhibition halls have been divided up into various sections, which also has toilet and shower facilities, electricity will be supplied to each bed as well as oxygen.

“The Western Cape’s scenario planning has predicted a shortfall of 1 000 acute beds in the province at the peak of the pandemic,” said Western Cape Premier Alan Winde.

"The use of the CTICC will allow us to make up the majority of this shortfall- and allow us to render care to those who need it.

We intend to make up the remainder of the shortfall with temporary beds in other facilities, inappropriate geographic locations," he said.

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