R&B singer Beyoncé Knowles. Picture: Instagram.

Despite accepting the lifestyle socially, with the emergence of many more vegan-included meals, ingredients and restaurants, veganism is still a topic that a lot of people still keep a far distance from

A number of A-list stars have also joined the vegan lifestyle wagon in their journeys to become healthy and fit, promoting the diet on their Instagram pages. 

Celebrities like Ne-Yo, Beyoncé Knowles, Brad Pitt, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez have all adopted the vegan lifestyle, whether they stay strictly on that diet, or switch to another diet after reaching their fitness goals.

Recently, R&B singer Beyoncé made the announcement on Instagram, of her going back to the vegan lifestyle, as she prepared for her performances for the Coachella festival, taking place next month. 

The ‘Formation’ singer posted an Instagram photo with the caption: “44 days till Coachella!! Vegan time!! Click in the bio to join me!”  The link on Beyoncé’s Instagram page refers to her 22 day Nutrition meal, a service which delivers purely vegan meals to your doorstep. Unfortunately, this service is not available in Africa, but here are a few tips to adopt a vegan diet, even if it is not a permanent lifestyle. 

Do Research

It is very important to learn and gather as much information as you can about a vegan diet, which includes eliminating all dairy or meat products from your diet. Perhaps looking up a number of websites and blogs on vegan lifestyle, as well as a visit to your general practitioner is advisable when you decide to change your diet.

Find Substitutes for your diet

With every diet come cravings, especially for meat and dairy, one of the hardest obstacles one can encounter when changing their lifestyle. It is ideal to research and find vegan alternatives to some of the meals you are craving for, such as yoghurt as beef burgers. Stores such as Woolworths, Pick n Pay and Checkers Hyper now stock vegan items that serve as ideal alternatives. 

Balance your diet

Adopting a vegan diet does not necessarily mean that you will be feasting purely on salads and nuts, you can eat normal snacks, just as long as they are certified as vegan. 

Discover meal planning

Planning your meals for the entire week in advance can assist you with the ingredients you will need, as well as help to avoid cheating on your diet by purchasing ingredients needed for your plant-based lifestyle.

Make it a group activity

The easiest way to have a successful run for your vegan diet is to have other people participate with you. Include your family, immediate friends or even co-workers to join you on your vegan diet, that way you will not experience a horrible change in your diet that you will have to face alone. If you're doing a vegan diet for seven days, fourteen days or forty-four days (like Queen Bey) then it would be ideal to not handle this new lifestyle alone. It'll feel better to deal with your cravings when there's more than two of you craving a cheese burger.