DIY Crafts for Kids: Creative Cups

Published Jul 22, 2020


Creative Cups

If you feel that your child’s cups are not as creative as you like this technique will help you improve that. It can also be used for other glasses around the house.


• Mod Podge (dishwasher safe)

• Sponges

• Clear Glue

• Paint or Glitter (optional)

• Masking Tape

• Stencil

• Rubbing Alcohol

Print out your stencils before starting the project. Wipe your glass down with rubbing alcohol. Use the masking tape to mark your design and you could choose from a range of décor to use to decorate your glass, from spray paint, tie-dye paint to glitter.

If you are using glitter, first add a layer of clear glue and add your glitter. Seal your design in with 3 layers of mod podge.

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