DIY Crafts for Kids: Dream Catchers

Published Jul 1, 2020


Dream Catchers

If your children are having bad dreams, this will help them feel safe when they sleep at night.


• A paper plate per child

• Scissors

• String or wool (if wanted in different colours)

• Beads

• Feathers or felt

Cut the middle out of the paper plate, make sure to keep the outer circle of the paper plate intact. Punch holes around the rim of the paper plate. Cut a design out of the middle of the paper plate to place in the centre of the dream catcher. Thread pieces of wool through the punched holes to form a web. This could be done with one continuous piece of wool or multiple. Thread 2 pieces of wool into the 3 bottom holes of the paper plate and attach the feathers or felt to these pieces of wool. Add your beads for decoration.

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