DIY Crafts for Kids: Guitar

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Published Jul 15, 2020



If you have empty boxes around the house or your child wants to play with a musical instrument, this is a simple way to entertain them without extra cost.


• Cardboard Box

• Paper Towel Cardboard Tube

• Décor and Wrapping paper

• Scissors and Glue

• Board Pins

• Silk Fishing Gut or Rubber Bands

Cut a hole in the centre of the cardboard box. Stick the box lid close and cover it with the wrapping paper. Cut the excess cardboard into smaller holes, to close the ends of the paper towel tube. Cover the paper towel tube with wrapping paper. Stick the paper towel holder to an end of the box. Decorate the guitar. Add 4 board pins to the paper towel holder and 4 board pins, in a row, on the base piece of the guitar, about 1 cm away from the centre. Wrap the one thread silk fishing gut around the board pins that are opposite each other. Repeat for the other 3 pins. Or use rubber bands instead of the silk fishing gut.

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