DIY Crafts for Kids: Kite

Published Jul 19, 2020




• A4 Paper

• A pack of Straws

• Twine

• Glitter Glue

• Scissors and Glue

• Pencil

• Ruler

Print any design on the A4 paper before making the kite. Take 2 A4 pages and cut them in half along the longest edge. Stick the pages together. Draw a diamond shape, that fills the entire page, on the paper. Measurement are 7cm for the 2 shortest lines and 7,6cm for the longest 2 lines. Cut the shape out. Cut 1 straw to fit the width of the kite and the other straw to fit the length of the kite. Cut 1m of twine and tie it around the longer straw. Wrap the other end of the twine around an unused piece of straw. Stick the straws on the back of the kite. Use the glitter glue to decorate the kite.

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