DIY Crafts for Kids: Rain Stick

Published Aug 15, 2020


Rain Stick

This fun and interesting musical instrument to play.


• Paper Towel Roll

• Aluminium Foil

• 1/4 Cup Rice

• Tape

• Wooden Spoon and Broom Handle

• Colour Paper and Décor

Cut a piece of foil, 25cm long and twist it into a stick shape. Wrap the twisted foil around the broom handle. Repeat these steps for a piece of foil that is 17cm long. Fit the smaller piece of foil inside the big piece of foil. Measure the size of the paper towel roll on the colour paper and cut it out. Measure a smaller circle in the middle of the cut-out circle and cut from the edges to the smaller circle. Stick the circle to the paper towel roll and insert the foil inside. Add the rice into the paper towel roll and tape the other colour circle to the open end of paper towel roll. Cover the paper towel roll with colour paper and decorate.

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