DIY Crafts : Ice cream stick photo frame

Published Jun 16, 2020


Ice Cream stick Photo Frame

If you have photos that require new, child friendly frames then this is a prefect project for you and the kids to get stuck into .


• Ice Cream sticks

• Plastic sheets (transparent)

• Glue Gun

• Paint and beads

Paint the ice cream sticks in different colours. Measure your photo. Stick 12 sticks together with the glue gun to form a base, for a standard photo. Stick your photo in the middle of your frame. Stick 4 ice cream sticks together to form a boarder for the photo. Decorate the boarder. Measure and cut the plastic sheet which would protect the photo. Stick the piece of plastic to the boarder and stick that to the base of the frame. Add string to hang the photo frame.

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