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DIY Health Tonic : Cough and chest congestion

Published Apr 1, 2020


Betel Leaf, Basil and Honey for Coughs and Chest Congestion

Betel Leaf is rich in antibiotic properties and Vitamin C. The juice from the leaf helps to reduce mucus build up in one’s chest as well as improves digestion.


• 1 Betel Leaf

• 2-3 Basil leaves (depending on the size of the leaf)

• 1 tsp of Honey

Grind the Betel and Basil Leaves together until the sap is formed. Removed the pulp and add honey to the sap. Heat the mixture up for 10 seconds or more depending on your microwave heat settings. Drink mixture to relieve any type of cough and chest congestion.

REMEMBER : If you display symptoms of Covid-19, please seek medical assistance immediately


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