Domestic worker starts fundraiser to feed her community

Published Jun 26, 2020


CAPE TOWN - Ottery, Cape Town-based domestic worker took the initiative to help her struggling community with a soup kitchen run from her own kitchen.

As the effects of the pandemic persist, the struggle of those less fortunate increase. Despite, the easing of lockdown regulations, many have lost their jobs and are left struggling and hungry during the colder times of the year.

Lauren Juries has sought to look after those that are finding these uncertain times even more difficult than others when she identified families that could do with urgent assistance.

“I always wanted to help people and never knew how to start, and in April I asked my employer if there was any way that she could help me. I had a few families that I wanted to help with food. I’ve always had a love for people, especially kids,” said Lauren Juries.

The campaign is run through Ottery Community Action Now (OtteryCAN) and aims to feed the struggling suburb with over 6 000 residents.

The initiative asks for donations to help provide food parcels for that in-need also with an interim solution of ‘Lolla’s Kitchen’ which is operated by Lauren Juries (nicknamed Lolla) and family as a soup kitchen run in their very own flat.

“Right now, we’re using money out of our own pockets to buy raw ingredients for meals. The team is giving their time and expertise for free. We need your support! Just R250 will provide ingredients to feed a family of four for a week!”

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